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Our Approach

Local Ownership + ABC Support Team = Superior Results

Local Ownership

Your account will be serviced by a local business owner that has acquired an Advanced Building Care franchise.  Pride of ownership means that the local Advanced Building Care franchise owner has made a monetary investment to secure the rights to service your account. 

This means that the local business owner and their team are responsible to provide commercial cleaning services according the standards we have established at Advanced Building Care.  The franchise owner and their teams are trained on our Effective Results approach to commercial janitorial services.


Advanced Building Care Support Team

To assist the local franchise owner, the Advanced Building Care team manages all the billing, training and franchise owner support.  Advanced Building Care also ensures that the local franchise owner that is servicing your account is properly insured. 

In additional to providing administrative services to the franchise owner so they can focus on delivering services to you, we also provide access to supplier relationships that will benefit your facility. 

Superior Results

The combination of a local franchise owner with pride of ownership backed by a corporate support team committed to franchise owner success is what allows the Advanced Building Care brand to deliver superior results to our clients. 

As a client, if you ever feel you are not getting your customer service needs met, you can always escalate your concerns to the Advanced Building Care corporate office.  Our commitment to you is we will in turn train and support the franchise owner to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the services you receive from your local Advanced Building Care service team!

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