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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

We believe first and foremost in building our people!

We inspire others and provide the opportunities needed to advance the knowledge and skill-sets required to achieve both personal and professional success. 


While many people only dream of success, our people are both determined and work hard to become the leaders of our industry and within the communities in which we reside and serve. 


We are each fully committed to building long-term, trusting relationships with those we work with and serve. Our success is fully dependent on helping others build theirs.

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Cleaning the Floor

ABC Road Map to Success

Whether a service provided, a word spoken, or an action made, we will be trustworthy in all that we do and say.  It is complete trust that defines who we are and creates the meaningful relationships that we seek to obtain.


Boundless Influence - We will constantly strive to better ourselves through the opportunities we are given to help others.  By building the number of mutually beneficial relationships that we have, we are able to greatly increase our positive influence and provide extraordinary service.


Constant Innovation - We are committed to advance our knowledge, the tools we use, and the systems and processes we follow so that we are able to be more effective and efficient in all that we do and are able to fully maintain our competitive advantages.

Advanced Pledge of Excellence


Public Health

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness by thoroughly performing each task. Consistent and meticulous performance assures healthy and germ free environments.



Performing tasks by using safe, sanitary, and aseptic cleaning procedures. Avoiding carelessness or inferior cleaning methods will safeguard the well-being of everyone.



Employing a conscientious work ethic. Close attention to detail ensures quality and allows others to enjoy a clean and attractive facility. Tasks will be self-inspected prior to and upon finishing to eliminate substandard work. 



Gaining new and improved skills through personal study, attending trainings, and researching advanced technologies and methods. A quest to look, learn about, and fully understand all client needs / requests in order to constantly improve performance. Wisdom is gained by maintaining a non-biased point of view. 



Understanding the operation and proper use of various cleaning tools, techniques, and supplies while consistently finding improved methods, tools, and improved technologies will improve effectiveness and efficiency. Superior problem solving, diagnostic, and troubleshooting skills will resolve most cleaning problems. Dedication and determination are required to achieve excellence in workmanship. 



Committing to teamwork, communications, and common goals. Mutual respect builds stronger relationships and morale. Constantly improving our standards and quality of service will create greater satisfaction to everyone we serve. Open communications will encourage feedback and constructive criticism. 



Displaying honesty in all dealings no matter what the situation entails. A straightforward transparent approach builds trust, strengthens accountability, and encourages prompt resolution of deficiencies. Going the EXTRA MILE ensures that promises are kept. 



Affording the same level of courtesy to others as you would like to receive. Constructive relationships prosper when unjust criticism, complaining, backbiting, tattling, and unkind remarks are curtailed. Proper image, dress, grooming, and mature conduct further display professionalism.



Applying a resourceful work ethic to make things better. A proactive approach locates substandard appearances and addresses them before problems arise. Dependability is demonstrated by punctuality and perseverance. 



Embracing improved technology and employing productive work skills. Reducing wasted movement, non-productive activities, and unnecessary tasks is a critical goal. By setting a steady pace, each job can be pushed along to efficient completion which promotes mutual benefit. 

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Employing watchful and alert observation to protect the safety and assets of everyone. Careful adherence to protective policies will ensure safety and security. Sensitive and private information will remain confidential. 



Responding to the needs of others, and at the same time protecting facility assets. Proper care and maintenance extends the longevity of equipment, supplies, fixtures, furniture, and structures.

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